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Virtual Humanities Conference 17–19 November 2021 Submission closing date: 15 September 2021 Hosted by Critical Food Studies together with the University of the Western Cape (UWC), University of Pretoria (UP)…
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Centering African Feminism in Food Cultures and Politics

Although African women are centrally involved in the preparation, production and struggles around food, activist and academic domains rarely acknowledge their centrality as knowledge producers in food struggles, agroecology and critical food literacy. In this panel discussion, four feminists who are pivotally involved in food struggles address key social, cultural, environmental and nutritional concerns from the perspective of radical African-centred feminist perspectives.

The themes discussed are: 1. Current food systems, neo-imperialism and African women and feminism 2. Who are the experts? Omissions in “alternative” and “radical” politics and knowledges 3. Connecting “theory”/”knowledge-making” and practice in food work 4. Food “crises” in relation to gender, race, neo-imperialism and the Anthropocene 5. Re-imaging human encounters with food from African feminist perspectives

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