Students University Food Cultures:  Call for Submissions

Artwork, Photographs, Personal Essays, Reflective Essays,  Opinion Pieces, Articles


South African universities are slowly beginning to address the problem of students’ access to affordable and nutritious food and some are driving programmes and interventions aimed at assisting hungry students. But what are the broader food cultures and systems in which students buy, share or are denied food? Submissions of different visual and written genres are invited that deal with the following (and any other related) topics:

• Food quality and costs on and around campus, food companies and food advertising on campus
• How do different student groupings relate to different food practices?
• Food excess, waste and hunger on campus
• Food and conviviality: what forms of connectivity around eating and cooking occur among students in South Africa?
• Identity and food: Food choices and tastes are often linked to different and shifting identities. What are these and how can they be explored, celebrated or questioned?

1st Prize: R1300
2nd Prize: R1000
3rd Prize: R700

30 November 2020

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